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Hiking on
and by the
South Devon Coast Path
October 16th - 23rd, 1999

Launched October 27th, 1999
Ronald Langereis - 1999 - Amsterdam


When abroad, how very pleased many people are, if they're under no obligation of bothering about the nitty-gritty of the journey itself. Though, in this way, the events of the trip may come to you as pleasant surprises, it's far from us to offer you a 'magical mystery tour'. We therefore present to you in advance this concise plan of the trip.
Minor adaptations may occur due to the weather turning foul, or mist settling on the moors.
Saturday, October 16th
Between 10.30 and 11.00 a.m. we gather in the restaurant of the railway station of Roosendaal. From there, we'll set out with the vans to Calais in France. At 3.30 p.m. we'll check in at the ferry terminal for a 75 minutes' crossing to Dover in England, gaining one hour on behalf of the difference in time. From thereon, we'll drive in one stout sweep to Higher Poulston Farm in Devon, our accommodation for the rest of the week.
Sunday, October 17th
Our first hiking day. We'll start on the Two Moors Way, one of the many long distance footpaths in England. It's a most beautiful track which will give us an adequate impression of the peat-moor district of Dartmoor National Park.
Monday, October 18th
A second day on Dartmoor. In the morning we'll pay a visit to Buckfast Abbey. Contrary to most abbeys in England, this abbey has been resurrected from its ruins by the monks of St. Benedict. At present, the abbey has been reoccupied and is exploited by the order.
Tuesday, October 19th
Today we'll acquaint ourselves with the South Devon Coast Path. We'll be presented with spectacular panoramas of the English Rivièra. The major part of the land here is owned by the National Trust.
Wednesday, October 20th
Daytrip to Exeter. The town dates from Roman times, as is shown by the surviving mosaics. We'll pay a visit to the cathedral, the library of which is famous for its medieval manuscripts. Unique for Exeter are its subterranean passages, remnants of the medieval waterworks still in operation. Only today, there will be an opportunity for shopping.
Thursday, October 21st
Another hike on Dartmoor. Besides, we'll pay a visit to Compton Castle, a fortified country house of the XIVth century, now completely restored.
Friday, October 22nd
Our last day of walking will take us back to the Coast Path. We'll end the day by visiting Totnes Castle in the medieval town of this same name.
Saturday, October 23rd
At the end of the week we'll say good-bye to Devon. Setting out for Dover as early as possible, we intend to reach Roosendaal around 7.00 p.m., early enough for anybody to be back home before midnight.

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