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Hiking on
and by the
South Devon Coast Path
October 16th - 23rd, 1999

Launched October 30th, 1999
Ronald Langereis - 1999 - Amsterdam

Hiking Area map: Devon and Cornwall

Two Moors Way
map: Dartmoor National Park We'll start our ramblings with a section of the Two Moors Way across Dartmoor National Park. The path has a total length of 90 m. It starts at Ivybridge in the south of Dartmoor and winds its ways via Exmoor to Lynmouth at Devon's northern coast.
Dartmoor is a beautiful district, full of contrasts. The softly sloping peat-moor plane, somewhat inhospitable, is succeeded by thickly wooded river vales, often rather deep. Tiny little villages with thatched country cottages define the sight of the world of men.
The highest top on Dartmoor lies at 2033 ft., but this is in a more northern part. We will be walking up and down hills of a height between 1300 and 1700 ft.
Dartmoor is famous for its wild horses, the so-called 'Dartmoor ponies', which freely graze on the hillsides.

South-West Coast Path
map: Click for more details Yet another long distance footpath, of which we'll walk two different sections. This path starts at Minehead in the north of Devon and continuing along all of the coast makes a major loop around county Devon, the duchy of Cornwall, and Dorset, to its conclusion in Poole after 616 miles of enthralling beauty.
The two stretches in our program are characterized by rough cliff tops, river-marshes, isolated bays and long stretches of sandy beaches.
Although the coastal region hasn't got the status of a National Park, yet the National Trust administers major sections of the coast and takes care for the protection of the flora and fauna.

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