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Hiking on
and by the
South Devon Coast Path
October 16th - 23rd, 1999

Launched October 24th, 1999
Ronald Langereis - 1999 - Amsterdam

Day Six - Thursday, October 21st

Third hike on the moors - Dartmeet to Postbridge - 10.6 m
Visiting Compton Castle

No pictures Description
Compton Castle No picture of the house, but a bit of information on its owners, and there's always the 'Photo Album' Dartmeet owes its name to the confluence of the rivers East Dart and West Dart. This stage will bear the stamp of water and 'how to reach the far side dryly-shod'.
There'll be no problem at the first crossing: the bridge over the East Dart. After this we're leaving the village by taking the footpath with the yellow markers. To our left we can descry the stepping stones in the West Dart which, after heavy showers, can be completely submerged.
Passing Huccaby Farm we'll turn right and from there we'll keep to a path with blue markers. After some time it'll take us back to the banks of the East Dart and now there'll be no escape from crossing the river by the stepping stones.
We're still keeping to the blue track and at Laughter Hole (no kidding) there's another crossing of stepping stones. By way of Bellever we'll reach Postbridge traversing lustrous woodlands. Shortly before we hit on the motorway we'll take a right turn and arrive at Lydgate House Hotel by crossing a clapper bridge.
Walking across the water meadows by the river, eventually we'll hit on a level footpath having crossed yet another rivulet with stepping stones just beyond Pizwell House. After a while we'll take to the right, heading for Cator Common, where the landscape is typically Dartmoor's.
A narrow line of trees, characteristic to the district as well, will guide us to another road. This we'll follow until we can turn to Sherwell, or 'Sherril', on our right. From here the yellow markers led us back to Dartmeet, and to the waiting vans.
Description of 'Buckland' - S-E Dartmoor in the Rough Guide, mentioning Dartmeet, Holne and Buckfast Abbey. Interesting links to other regions

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