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Hiking on
and by the
South Devon Coast Path
October 16th - 23rd, 1999

Launched October 24th, 1999
Ronald Langereis - 1999 - Amsterdam

Day Eight - Saturday, October 23rd

Going home - Totnes to Amsterdam - 550 m
From 4.30 a.m until 7.30 p.m.

Picture Description
Somewhere, around 6.45 a.m., at the car-park of a motorway service center, hard put to raise spirits by English coffee - in vain, of course - and an early smoke All luggage packed on the night before we decided to rise at 3.30 a.m. At 4.10 a.m. Frans yelled at my door: "We overslept, it's four ten, hurry!" Miep's biological alarm had refused to function properly.
None the less we managed to take our places in the van slightly past 4.30. In utter darkness we drove on for two hours, not saying much. We stopped twice at service centers before we reached the outskirts of Dover at 11.15 a.m., only to become lined up in a queue. The sea being too rough for the Hoverspeed, the ferry had to handle all traffic
Eventually, we embarked on a ferry that sailed at 0.30 p.m. and now losing the hour we had gained before, arrived in Calais around three o'clock. From here on Annelies took over the wheel from Frans, who had driven all the way from Totnes to Dover.
In Belgium we said our good-byes to the rest of the company in the other vans and left the convoy to go full-speed to Amsterdam. Those in the back of the van were hard put to keep their eyes open on this last stretch of the journey. Yawning we entered the city by 7.30 p.m.

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