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Costiera Amalfitana
May XXX - June VIII

Launched August 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2000 - Amsterdam

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Rome >    Ancient Rome    Papal Rome    Via Appia Antica    < Rome

Once you've got out of the coach, at the roadside you'll get your first impression of charming Positano. The old center is deep down by the beach, while in a natural amphitheatre of soaring rock, chic hotels and villas recede upward, the one gallantly leaning on top of the other. View on Positano from the road The church with the typical cupola roof Promenade with bars and restaurants seen from the beach Beach seen to the east Lunch ticket of La Zagara
Hotel entrance off the alley down to the beach Vine roofed alley with artisan's exposition Medieval little piazza in the town center Color spot amidst grey rocks and walls
Descending to the labyrinthine heart of the old town, the street on the one side is lined with little bars and exclusive shops, expensive hotels with shaded car parks, a luxury here, and liveried doormen to show the way. Hotel garden in the enclosure between two slopes of rock La Zagara - Having tea between the lemon trees on suspended platforms Shops in the alley to the beach And of course there are trees, dark chestnuts, for shade and bougainvilles for joy. And on the other side, on the slope, there are gardens with flowers and fruits, and stone steps and vine-roofed alleys which lead to the sea.

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