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Costiera Amalfitana
May XXX - June VIII

Launched August 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2000 - Amsterdam

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Groundplan of Amalfi
From Salerno in the east to the cape opposite Capri and to Sorrento beyond, the coastal road is clinging close to the steep rock. At some places it is so narrow that two coaches can hardly pass and have to back up to give way to each other.
Amalfi happens to be a town where at least
Bus ticket
there is an even space between the harbour and the upsoaring cliff, the piazza Flavio Gioia. Here the coaches of the SITA are parked in rows, ready to take you to any destination on the coast past steep ravines covered with lemons, through narrow tunnels in the rock and by hairpin bends which leave you in great awe for the superhuman abilities of the drivers.
Bar di Cobalto on the Amalfi beach Amalfi Beach seen to the west A delicious antipasto of Bar di Cobalto
What I especially liked about Amalfi were the liveliness of the Piazza Duomo area and the covered passages with age-old workshops and even a chapel of St. Ann. And the bars on the beach, where you can have a delicious antipasto. Floor mosaic in shopping arcade
Floor mosaic - detail

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