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the Via Appia Antica
the Alban Lake


Launched June 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2000 - Amsterdam

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Map of Rome and Lazio (Latium)

A romantic stretch of the Appian Way, built by the consul Appius Claudius in the late 4th century B.C. to facilitate trade and communications with Southern Italy. Via Appia is lined with funeral monum-ents and magnificent trees, cypresses and sea-pines, which lend it lustre. In many places the ancient paving is still extant.
The Alban Lake is enclosed in the crater of a long-dead volcano. Walking along the beach beneath Castel Gandolfo you are completely surrounded by a curtain Try to find the tunnel, in the middle a little to the right The papal palace of Castel Gandolfo Note the hazy plains behind the enclosure, stretching as far as Rome of solid densely wooded rock. We left by an unexpected exit, a tunnel going straight through the crater-wall to the outside slope of the mountain.
Having left Lago Albano by the tunnel, we took a local road into the direction of Naples and having passed Marino, ascended the adjacent hill of Rocca di Papa. Here, in a sunlit village, out under the trees which Our lunch in Rocco di Papa line the only street, we had a delicious lunch of grilled funghi and fritto misto accompanied by a sparkling local bianco, while enjoying a breath-taking view from on high of Marino and the plains of Lazio to Rome herself.
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Castel Gandolfo (1420 ft), 12.5 m south of Rome is one out of thirteen townships of the Castelli Romani in the Alban Hills, the Colli Albani. It's situated in the same location as ancient Alba Longa. Yet a favorite summer destination in classical times, it regained its position during the Italian Renaissance. Here Urbano VIII ordered Carlo Maderna to erect for him an imposing palace, which since 1624 has been the papal summer residence. From the town, overlooking densely wooded slopes, one has an exquisite view on the lake, the Lago Albano, which spans the crater of a sleeping volcano. The little beaches along its borders invite for a swim or any other watersports. Castel Gandolfo (426 m.), 20 km ten zuiden van Rome, is één van de dertien stadjes van de Castelli Romani. Gelegen in de Albaanse heuvels, de Colli Albani, was het al een zomerverblijf in de tijd van het Klassieke Rome en later tijdens de Italiaanse Renaissance. Het ligt op de plek van het vroegere Alba Longa. Zomerresidentie van de Pausen vanaf 1624, nadat Urbanus VIII aan Carlo Maderna opdracht had gegeven tot de bouw van het indrukwekkende pauselijk paleis. Vanuit het stadje, omgeven door bossen, heeft men een prachtig uitzicht over het meer, Lago Albano, dat van vulkanische oorsprong is. Er zijn ook strandjes waar verschillende soorten watersport kunnen worden beoefend.

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