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the Papal City

Launched June 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2000 - Amsterdam

Ancient Rome    Papal Rome    Via Appia Antica

Castel S.Angelo was built originally as the tomb of the Emperor Hadrian, 2nd century A.D., but Aurelian, 3rd century, had it made into a fortress, part of his namesake wall. the first pair of Angels in front of the Castel S.Angelo the Ponte S.Angelo spanning the Tevere / Tiber Close-up of an angel in front of the Castel S.Angelo Twelve angels are guarding the bridge and most of them have an emblem with a text on the sockel. This one reads: Vulnerasti cor meum, saying: Thou hast wounded my heart.
Piazza Navona owes its rectangular form to the fact that it was built over the former Stadium of Domitian. The design was made by Bernini who also executed the Fountain of the Four Rivers. the Piazza Navona, lively and colorful the Piazza Navona has three fountains. This one is called Fountain of Neptune, designed by Della Porta Trevi is very special, so much fountain in only so small a square Intimately embedded squares and fountains like Navona and Trevi are the lungs of Rome, always filled with people, drinking, talking, laughing, walking, from morning till late into the night
After visiting St.Peter's church we passed under one of the porches in the curtain wall of the Vatican and through the papal city walked to the Castel San Angelo In the portico of the Vestibule there's this statue of Constantine by Bernini St.Peter's Square as seen from the right Colonnade - also by Bernini The Arch of the Bells is guarded by Swiss Guards, the roofs are guarded by an army of statues More than once a pope all but saved his life, leaving the Vatican in haste by the hidden way on top of the wall to take refuge into the Castel, fleeing before his enemies
From the deep shadows of a narrow street, suddenly there is a bright little square with outdoor restaurants and all around incredibly sensuous fašades Just a voluptuous church on a quiet parasol-sheltered square next to the Pantheon and from here you may take a right turn, unsuspecting, and before you fully realize where you are, there before you is the Pantheon massively bearing its age

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