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Costiera Amalfitana
May XXX - June VIII

Launched August 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2000 - Amsterdam

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The easiest way to travel along this tricky coast is by boat, as a car has to submit to every bend and caprice of the road and every inch of parking space is chained up by the locals The little boat that'ld bring us from La Praia to Positano for the trip to Capri Nearing the beach of Positano to catch the ferry for Capri As the 'rapido' was suffering from engine trouble, we had to rise an hour earlier, for the elder ferry took longer. The moment we were seated on the top deck, it started to rain
The gangway on the stern of the ferry pointing at a receding Positano Ticket for a day-trip from Positano to Capri Center of Anacapri, the village high on the mountain
View of the right façade of Capri harbour Capri harbour embankment, left side
If you're on Capri for the very first time, probably the most sensible thing to do, is taking a cab and have the driver show you around the hot spots of the island. Instead, we boarded the funicolare - a funny little rack-railway - that took us straight up to the upper village. There the first thing we did was buying a huge umbrella that served us well for the rest of the day. Everywhere we were meeting people in flimsy foil coats of a transparent sea-green hue, Central square of Capri, the upper village Lunch ticket of Blu Bar La Terrazza, Capri Nearing Positano from Capri giving us a definite feeling that the island had been invaded by aliens lately. After a drink and a walk we returned to the central square and eventually found the bus to Anacapri. We had dinner in a restaurant with absolutely tasteless paintings on the walls, though the food was tasty enough. Afterwards, lined up in the queue for a bus to take us back down, a terrible thunder-storm broke with crashes right over our heads and the bolts playing tag on the pavement.
View on the forbidding cliffs from the central square, upper village The last stretch from Positano to La Praia by open boat
Shall we say, it was the memorable ending of a memorable visit to the memorable island.

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